BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Dozens of applicants stood in line at a recruitment event Wednesday to sign up to join the Sheriff’s Office as a detention deputy.

Kern County Detentions Officer Association President Brian Andrews has looked forward to this day since the board of supervisors approved the 22% pay raise for detention deputies. A day, he shares, is the start of big changes.

“That would bring a pool of applicants and officers that could fill our vacancies,” said Andrews.

For the last few years, according to the Kern County Administrative Office, approximately 95 sheriff deputies were working in the jail to make up for the lack of detention officers taking them off the streets. Andrews shares that filling vacancies could change that.

“These vacancies, once filled, could push actual operations deputies onto the streets,” said Andrews.

However, Andrews shares that he is already seeing the impact of the raise with the deputies they do have.

“January was the first year that we did not see a loss of detention deputies, we actually net gained two detention deputies, and that is from months of loss,” said Andrews.

Now the year is looking brighter for the deputies they could have in the near future.