BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Parents rejoice as the new crosswalk for kids at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary school is up.

The new four-way stop is up at Cheatham Avenue and South Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Two sets of warning signs set up to let drivers know to stop at the new intersection.

All of this was done so that kids can get to and from school safely.

The four-way stop and crosswalk took years to get built but it’s up and people are using it.

“The majority of the people use it,” Willie Vickers a homeowner on Cheatham Avenue said. “The kids, the handicap, everyone uses it from what I’ve seen.”

The intersection comes with a four-way stop, street lights and around the clock flashing beacons to warn drivers of the approaching stop. A dedicated crossing guard is also in place to help kids and parents cross safely.

“A lot of cars wouldn’t stop they would just go by even with kids just in the middle of the street but never the less I feel safer they have a stop sign now,” Erma Mejia a parent of multiple students at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary said.

Bakersfield City School District Superintendent Mark Luque says the four-way stop and crossing guard offer families a needed layer of safety during their commute to and from school. Luque also warns people to be observant of drivers as they get used to the new four-way stop.

The only issue is drivers need to pay attention and stop at the intersection.
We’ve seen some cars speed through the intersection while others have slammed on their breaks to avoid hitting pedestrians.

“I’ve seen on several occasions where people aren’t paying attention,” Vickers said. They aren’t focused and they’re not used to it being there and they drive right on through it. I’ve seen one accident related to that.”

The Bakersfield City School District and the county all are requesting parents and kids to use the crosswalk. There is a crossing guard and it’s the safest way to get to school.

Speeding can still happen in the area and if you notice it you can call California Highway Patrol at 661-396-6600.