BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A new documentary series focusing on the homelessness crisis in California will debut nationwide on Friday. In it’s four 15-minute episodes, “The Way Home” takes a human-centered look at homelessness in California and possible solutions to get those people back on their feet.

“We hope that this series gives folks the chance to look into these people’s eyes and see a bit of themselves in each of these individuals,” said director and producer Don Hardy. “Our goal is to show that they’re not very different from us, that they did have those jobs, rents, and families before life circumstances happened.”

The series, which features large cities and rural areas across California, made its way to Kern County for episode three. The episode highlighted the extraordinary work of organizations like Flood Ministries to find housing for those living on the streets.

“It’s been very heartening to see what Bakersfield and the Kern County have been able to do in terms of getting people off the streets,” said Hardy.

The story centers around Denise Brock, a formerly homeless woman, now serving as a case manager at Flood Ministries. The episode follows her quest to get a man named Lynn off the streets and into permanent housing.

“The people doing the hard work on the streets every day have also struggled with homelessness themselves, so they have walked a mile in those shoes,” said Hardy.

As Lynn makes his way from sleeping in parks to permanent shelter, Hardy hopes viewers gain some empathy for the people they walk past every day.

The series’ first season will be available streaming on Amazon, iTunes, and google play starting on December 4.