BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The new vandalism-resistant, ADA-compliant restrooms at Beale Park are now open, according to a social media post.

This is the first time the bathrooms have been redone in 60 years.

Park construction and facilities planner Fidel Gonzalez told 17 News nothing is vandalism proof, but the $494,00 building, which has four separate gender-neutral restrooms, has been engineered to come close.

To the extent possible, there’s little or no exposed plumbing; it’s all in the walls of the building or underground. And no porcelain, which can be shattered, Gonzalez told 17 News.

Functioning, vandalism-resistant facilities are now in five locations around the city. The project was funded with federal Community Development Block Grant and Park Improvement Fund Central Core Developer Reimbursement funds.