Update: The Kern County coroner’s office has released the names of the men involved in the fatal Christmas Eve shooting. Jacob Keanu Campos Malena, 30, and Tanner William Marlow, 30, both of Bakersfield, were killed by each other on the 9700 block of Snowdon Avenue.

It is still not confirmed who was the man already in the house and who was the estranged boyfriend.

A GoFundMe was created for both men to help pay for funeral expenses. Click here for the link for Jacob Malena’s GoFundMe and click here for Tanner Marlow’s GoFundMe.

Both men were declared dead at the scene. Autopsies have been scheduled.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Two men killed each other on Christmas Eve. This story has caused a lot of speculation far and wide online.

Bakersfield police have given us little confirmation about what happened on Snowdon Aveue on Christmas Eve. What police have said is that two men shot each other to death and one of those men police say was an estranged boyfriend of a female who lived at this home.

It was a very foggy Christmas Eve morning one neighbor says his family heard everything.

“My son and his fiancé and his newborn were in the room sleeping and he heard banging,” Adam Herrera a neighbor said. “The bang sounds were the gunshots. So I heard about three, four and my wife heard all of them …”

Herrera said an ominous mourning wail could be heard throughout the neighborhood.

“There was a person crying. A female voice crying and then it just got all quiet. Just really quiet,” Herrera said.

That’s around when the call came to the police.

Both men were found dead inside the home. Herrera said he’s lived at his home for 17 years and that this neighborhood is a stranger to violent crime.

“The scariest thing that we’ve ever seen is trying to corral dogs trying to get out to Old River but as far as anything like this we’ve never had anything like this before,” Herrera said.

Herrera said he’s seen children at the home. Two were older elementary school kids and one was a high schooler. Police have not confirmed who was inside the home when the shooting happened but said no one else was injured.

A GoFundMe account has been established for Marlow.

Marlow is described as, “a fun-loving cousin who was taken from us suddenly at the hands of another on Christmas Eve.”

The link to Marlow’s GoFundMe can be found here.