BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Parents are falling down a spiral of concern and worry as the Kern High School district fails to answer their questions about the opioid overdoses at North High School.

The Kern High School District announced Monday evening, school nurses and police officers have administered Narcan five times at schools to children overdosing on opioids since the beginning of this school year, in August. The district said it trained its school nurses and school police officers to use Narcan.

This news comes just after multiple confirmed overdoses at North High School this past week.

Monday morning another student was rumored to have OD’d at North High. Mark Corum with Hall Ambulance confirmed an ambulance was on scene Monday morning.

“I saw on Facebook that a girl OD’d today that’s why I came down here,” Joseph Jimenez a father of a 15-year-old North High student said.

Throughout the day dozens of parents picked up kids amid the rumors of another overdose.

“I’m worried about getting that phone call like I’m sure everyone else is,” Jimenez said. “Getting the phone call that my kid is dead because no one wants to do anything about it.”

“I can’t get no phone calls like that. My heart can’t take it,” Sparks said.

Parents are demanding the school fix this problem through tighter security.

“Obviously security needs to be cracked down,” Jimenez said. “They need to get actual people here.”

“They need to be checking these kids when they come through this gate because once the kids leave home and make it here they are responsible for them,” Sparks said.

“I don’t think they’ve done enough,” JW Owens a father of two poisoned north high students said. “It’s a problem here in California so they should have been trained on this way before the problem came to the school.”

Parents are advising their kids to not accept anything from other kids even from their own friends.

“Don’t accept nothin from nobody,” Sparks said. “Don’t eat nothin from nobody unless you bought it or I bought it.”

North High is hosting a parent meeting to address concerns Tuesday night. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. and is expected to have more information on the investigation at North High.