Multiple witnesses of officer involved shooting on Truxtun Avenue say the suspect was armed, shot at police

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – The shooting happened just after 3pm yesterday. Bakersfield Police says a man attempted to steal a road construction loader from workers on Truxtun Avenue, right by Mercy Hospital.Brian was one of the workers on the road when the man allegedly tried to steal the loader.

“The guy who I thought was in the machine was walking towards me saying ‘do you know the guy who’s in the machine?'” Brian said. “And I go ‘I thought it was you’, he goes ‘no he just threw me out of my own machine and dumped all the stuff on the street.'”

At first – construction workers thought the man was part of their crew.

”We go to to stop traffic because we thought he was with us, he was dressed like us, he looked like a regular worker,” Brian said.

Witnesses say the man struggled to drive the construction loader.
 BPD says he abandoned it and got into a red truck nearby – they don’t know if it was his car.
 He drove around the area a few times and then two officers confronted him.
 That’s when the shooting began.

Multiple witnesses say they heard at least seven shots.

”And then all you hear is pop, pop, pop,” said Avery Shahan, who works near the spot where the shooting happened. “By the time I got to the corner you see the cop with his gun, he’s like ‘put your hands up’, I’m pretty sure you just shot him about 9 to 14 times, I dont think he’s putting his hands up. I even yelled it.”

Police haven’t confirmed whether the suspect was armed.
 But witnesses say they saw the man with a gun and believe he shot at police.

“From what everyone’s telling me that was closer, ya he had a gun and shot twice at a cop,” Brian said.

Gilbert Howell was on his balcony when he heard the gun shots.

”It did sound like he had a smaller caliber round, compared to the officers rounds,” Howell said. “And obviously he shot a little bit slower, officers shot pretty quick.”

Police wouldnt say how many shots were fired or how many times the suspect was hit. An ambulance arrived within minutes and transported the man to a local hospital. BPD says he’s in a critical condition. One officer also had a minor injury that was treated with a first aid kit. BPD says the two officers were wearing body cams and they will release that footage soon.

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