BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Mothers – where would we be without them? Answer: Nowhere. Literally. The least we can do, you’d think, is give them one special day.

Along with Sunday brunch or some other extravagant meal, that one special day often includes flowers.

“Mother and flowers,” Jamie Heredia said. “It just goes hand in hand.”

Heredia was buying flowers at Bakersfield Flower Market to hand out to mothers at a Second Saturday event at 19th and H streets downtown. 

Gayle Stevens was buying flowers for three younger mothers in her life – her daughters and daughter-in-law.

“Flowers just bring joy into a home,” Stevens said. “Just walking them all the time, you look at them, they’re gonna think of me and they’re gonna enjoy the joy that it brings in the house. It’s gonna be uplifting.”

And mothers deserve the recognition, Stevens said because theirs can be a tough, tough job.

“I think Mother’s Day is every day,” she said, “but at least we get one day out of the year.”

 Flowers or brunch, or both, can make a mother feel appreciated, but one thing trumps them all — the gift of time. One’s actual presence. That’s what Heredia has in mind for her mother.

“I’m going to take her a bunch of goodies and just spend the day with her,” she said. “I love you mommy. I’ll see you on Sunday.”