It’s now been more than 100 days since Baylee Despot was last seen in a Rosedale neighborhood. Since she’s been gone, Baylee’s 21st birthday has passed.

Investigators have searched for her extensively, and her mother has posted over 3,000 missing persons flyers around Bakersfield. But there is still no trace of the young woman.

There’s obviously no words to explain what Baylee’s mother has been going through for the last several months. And as if the agonizing search and constant wondering of what happened to Baylee isn’t enough. Now Baylee’s mother is dealing with someone seemingly trying to make finding answers a little harder. 

For Jane Parrent, the last 100 days have each started the same way. She wakes up and posts flyers of her missing daughter. But on the one hundredth day-she got some upsetting news.

“It’s very shocking to me, who would do something like that? I’m sure it’s aimed at me,” said Jane Parrent. Jane was alerted that in a Rosedale neighborhood, someone was taking down her flyers, replacing them with new flyers, and greasing the poles to prevent her from putting them back up. 

This happened just hours after Jane found a Polaroid of her daughter on her windshield. “A picture of Baylee and her boyfriend was placed on my windshield for me to find and that was shocking, and now this has happened…so it’s very disturbing to me like maybe someone is stalking me or doesn’t want me to find my daughter.”

The signs posted over the missing flyers vary. Some have messages about human trafficking, others talk about mental illness and pretending to be a victim. Jane says if someone is trying to send her a message, she has a message back: “No matter what you do or say about me or my family, or how many poles you grease, I will find a way to find my daughter and I’m going to find her and i’m not going to stop,” said Jane.

Fighting through tears, Jane wanted to make it clear that she won’t be intimidated by anyone. “The worst thing that could’ve ever happened to me in my life is to have my daughter disappear and not know where she is. So anything they do to me or try to scare me isn’t going to deter me from finding my daughter, because the most horrific thing’s already happened.”

Jane says at this point any bit of information about her daughter’s whereabouts are very much appreciated. I want her home either way. Give me GPS points and I’ll go get her. Whether she’s alive or dead I just want my daughter. I just need to have her home. 

As we’ve reported before, there is a possibility that this Baylee’s disappearance could be related to the disappearance of Micah Holsonbake, who went missing about a month before Baylee at the end of March. The connection is that the two ran in the same social circle.

If you have any information on Baylee’s case, call KCSO at (661)-861-3110. If you know anything about the disappearance of Micah Holsonbake, call BPD at (661)-327-7111. You can remain anonymous by calling Secret Witness at (661)-322-4040.