Most Americans hunting for new jobs within next 12 months

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Today is Labor Day, a day to celebrate the American worker. But the Coronavirus has put a subtle twist on this national holiday. Experts say Americans are growing less attached to their jobs … especially during the pandemic. CNBC says workplaces around the country face a ‘great resignation,’ with over half of Americans expecting to look for a new job within the next year. This comes as some young Kern residents say they don’t love their jobs as much as their parents did.

“I was working in six flags. Then when the pandemic hit and everything shut down,” said Raf Orig, a Kern resident. “I was unemployed for a while.”

He says it took months to find a job he wanted to keep.

“I just got a job at the post office. I think I’ll be starting a month or two from now,” said Orig.

Orig says his parents’ generation seems more attached to their jobs.

“I wasn’t attached to it in the same way because this is something they’ve worked their whole life to do,” said Orig. “I have more aspirations than my job now, so when I left I was like ‘I’m out of here.’ I didn’t have any second thoughts.”

Charles Bantum says he’s retired, and he’s only worked five jobs in his life.

“How long were you at your previous job?” asked 17’s Moses Small.

“I worked there about 30 years. I always wanted a lot of stability in my work,” said Bantum. “That was what I was trying to go for, and I was able to do that.”

Bantum says he worked in local government, and he’s glad he stayed there for three decades.

“I’m enjoying my retirement, so the stresses of the job I don’t miss,” said Bantum.
The people and the relationships, those are the things that stay with you.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says there are over a million more unemployed Americans now than there were in February 2020.

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