BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Mossman family and crew has been serving their fish and chips to Bakersfield since 1952 and over the past 72 years they have sold more than 990,000 orders, according to Mossman’s.

They sell an average of a thousand orders of fish and chips a week, according to Mossman’s. Using this number as a predictor, Mossman’s knows they will sell their one millionth order this month.

Mossman’s will be celebrating this month with daily giveaways as they keep count including prizes for the lucky customers who order the last few plates leading up to that one millionth order.

Mossman’s says the one millionth order will get a $1,000 voucher for Princess Cruises. Second place will get a $500 voucher for airfare. Third place gets three days and two nights in Huntington Beach. Fourth place gets a Fish Fry for six.

You’ll need to order at their location at 3610 Wible Road because the 30th Street location is closed following a small fire.