Mobile home residents left without power after neighbors illegally tap into power lines

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As temperatures continue to rise in Kern County, mobile home residents at Arbor Village in Oildale have been left with no power after some residents were caught illegally tapping into power lines. One resident, Barbara Walker, told that PG&E suddenly showed up to the property and cut their power off. The property on 321 McCord Avenue holds about a dozen mobile homes. 

“The PG&E came out and went to the top of the pole and they snapped all three of the connectors and everybody lost electricity,” Walker said.

Residents like Walker who have medical conditions that require proper ventilation and electricity to power their medical machines are left to use generators. 

“Right now we are in limbo because there is no set date, nobody knows when it’s going to be turned back on and I have emphysema I am on a breathing machine … I cannot be in the heat,”  Walker said. 

Neighbors told there never have been any previous issues with PG&E. When resident Bill Childress reached out to the mobile home management there was little explanation. 

“The new management that took over … we tried calling them and talk to them, they wouldn’t talk to us,” Childress said. 

PG&E says the decision to cut power from the mobile homes was a safety measure. 

“In instances of continuous theft and ongoing safety issues it becomes necessary to de-energize customers in the interest of public safety,” said Katie Allen PG&E’s spokesperson.

“He [PG&E] claimed that there was so many things wrong with the trailers that they were dangerous to be kept on,” Walker said. 

The manager, “is saying that they think it’s going to be done by Saturday but I don’t see that happening,” Walker said. 

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