BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — People came together to feed a serious need in East Bakersfield yesterday.

The MLK CommUnity Initiative handed out free food to a long line of cars Wednesday morning on California Avenue.  One woman, Desiree Chapman, said she was in line at least an hour when we spoke to her. She said she’s still working but needs the extra help for her family and baby.

“My household isn’t able to afford food right now and I have a baby I  have to take care of,” she said. 

Organizer Arleana Waller says they regularly team up with the Community Action Partnership of Kern for food banks. She says it’s clear there’s a serious need for food.

“To wait hours in line to get a box or two of food that tells us we have a lot of people in need in our community,” she said. 

Waller says a big group of local nonprofits and organizations made it possible. She said the initiative wants to keep holding giveaways every third Monday.