BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The historic neon sign over the popular coffee shop once known as Milt’s came down on Tuesday morning, and has officially begun its journey to the Kern County Museum.

“Milt’s Coffee Shop”, first opened in 1964, was sold a year ago to the owner of Old River Grill.

With the addition of Old River Grill signage, the restaurant’s name has officially changed. The new owner, with the permission from the original family, donated the old Milt’s sign to the museum for its Neon Plaza.

“We’ve got about 35 signs, all local, and so this will be the newest edition. So, we’re really pleased to get the sign, but really sad that Milt’s, you know, the name is coming off the building,” said Mike McCoy, Director of the Kern County Museum. “But I understand — new owner, new ideas. But we’re very thankful to the Huggs family, and to Roger, the new owner, for bringing the sign to the museum.”

According to the new owner, some classic Milt’s recipes will remain on the menu, including the biscuits and gravy, Milt’s Texas Chili and the Pumpkin Pancakes with Pecan Butter — which will be on special in all Old River Grill locations in December.