BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza, which grew to cult status after its introduction in 1985, has returned to the fast food faux-Mexican chain’s menu after a two-year absence. 

The item was pulled in 2020 after Taco Bell, like several other national chains, pared down its menu in response to pandemic related supply shortages, but after a determined campaign by fans that included a Tik Tok song and a change-dot-org petition, Taco Bell relented.

Originally known as the Pizzazz Pizza, the Mexican Pizza is a light, crispy tortilla shell topped with red sauce, Taco Bell’s proprietary ground beef mix, another tortilla shell, more sauce, a sprinkle of two cheeses and chopped tomatoes. In other words, not much like real pizza at all. Prices vary around the country, but KGET staffers got theirs in Bakersfield Thursday for $4.99.