Measure N Committee recommends spending of $6.1 million in extra sales tax funds

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Council to vote on sales tax ballot measure

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Sales tax revenue from Measure N has brought in $9 million more in funding this year than was previously expected, according to city officials.

During the Monday meeting of the Public Safety & Vital Services Citizens Oversight Committee, Assistant City Manager Chris Huot provided a presentation about the extra savings and recommended allocations for $6.1 million of the extra revenue. 

The committee agreed with the city and have recommended the release to the Council. Specifically, the committee is recommending $1.5 million in additional spending to address homeless concerns, such as funding waste clean-up efforts and TransWest Security patrols. 

In addition, the committee recommends that $800,000 of the money go to purchasing 215 additional body cameras for the Bakersfield Police Department, bringing the total up to 425. 

Around $500,000 would be dedicated to acquiring and implementing a new e-permitting software for the Development Services department which would expedite the approval and revision process for businesses looking to come to Bakersfield.

Lastly, around $320,000 would also be dedicated to hiring six engineers and six firefighters for the Bakersfield Fire Department. 

The rest — around $3 million — would go into reserves for any future emergencies. 

The recommendations will be presented to the City Council at an upcoming meeting.

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