BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Star Wars fans are you channeling the force? Well you should because today is your day to celebrate decades of out of this world entertainment.

It’s ‘May the 4th’ and business across Bakersfield had themed foods and events for Star Wars fans to enjoy.

‘May the 4th’ be with you. It’s a day where people from all across the country get to celebrate something they love, Star Wars. That’s no exception for people here in Bakersfield.

Shops across the city had themed items and events for customers. Cloud 9 Coffee Shop offered Star Wars themed treats, drinks, and a relaxing interstellar ambiance.

“I’m a Star Wars fan so it seemed like an obvious choice and we know there is a lot of star wars people in Bakersfield,” Morgan Bonn the owner of Cloud 9 Coffee said.

Cloud 9 Coffee partnered with Cornerstone Bakery for its ‘May the 4th’ event. They had treats like, pretzel lightsabers, galaxy cake pops, and specially designed chocolates.

“‘May the 4th’ is a pretty big deal in Bakersfield,” Jennifer Mebane the owner of Cornerstone Bakery said. “We got super excited about it and so we teamed up with some pretty cool ideas and you know know we kind of went for it, went all out for Cloud 9.”

The Chewie Wookie Cookie was the best selling item. The shop was almost sold out of everything and they weren’t the only ones. Both Blue Oak Coffee Roasting and Better Bowls almost sold out of their Star Wars themed treats too.

Better Bowls will be selling the rest of their Star Wars treats on Thursday. They also will be selling special treats for Cinco de Mayo.

Other Star Wars events will be at 2nd Phase Brewing with Zepeda’s Stone Fire Pizza later this evening at 7:30 p.m.

‘May the 4th’ wouldn’t be complete without its fans, especially those who are families and parents who raise their kids watching the same stories they watched when they were children.

“We like to sit as a family and watch episodes like the Mandalorian,” Erika Rodriguez said. “Anything Star Wars to us is pretty awesome,” Israel Rodriguez said. “We watched pretty much all the Star Wars and we’re really excited for Obi-Wan Kenobi … We love star wars!”