UPDATE (11:11 a.m.) — Police have identified the man as Elliot Davis, 39, and the boy as his son. Officers were initially called to the residence to a report of a man beating a woman with a hammer.

The victim went to an area hospital, where police said she has moderate to major injuries.

After arriving at the residence, Davis threw some type of explosive device at officers and ran back inside, according to police. No officers were injured.

Crisis negotiators contacted David, who said he had additional explosive devices, police said. Negotiations continued until 4 a.m., when police saw Davis in possession of explosive devices and he made statements that led officers to believe the boy’s life was in danger.

When police attempted to arrest Davis, he lit an explosive device, according to the BPD. Officers rescued the boy and the device detonated. Police then took Davis taken into custody with the assistance of a police dog.

The boy suffered some scrapes, police said, and Davis had “sustained burns” and other injuries. He was in stable condition, and faces charges of attempted murder as well as counts related to domestic violence and possession of explosive devices.

UPDATE (10/12): The Bakersfield Police Department said after around 12 hours, the man has been arrested.

The department said the boy that was also barricaded in the home was the suspect’s child. The boy was taken to a local hospital but was not injured, according to police. The department also said explosives were found in the residence.

(10/11): BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Bakersfield police are in a neighborhood at San Dimas and 31st streets after a man barricaded himself, and possibly a 4-year-old boy, at his home in an apartment complex Sunday evening.

Bakersfield police said they are investigating an assault with a deadly weapon stemming from a domestic violence call. Officers were called to the area at around 5:15 p.m. and said they are in contact with a suspect. A SWAT team has been called to the area.

A department spokesperson said officers believe a 4-year-old boy is also inside with the suspect. Officers have used a loudspeaker to communicate with the man and ordering him to exit.

The spokesperson also told 17 News, an officer responding to the call said he heard an explosion in the area, but it was not clear that any explosive devices were used by the suspect or if they were aimed at officers.

17 News has a crew at the scene.