BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A group rallied in Bakersfield in response to gun violence and the growing number of mass shootings across the country.

A rally to end gun violence in our nation. Local supporters came to California State University Bakersfield to march against this ongoing issue.

“We want to make our schools and communities safe places where people don’t have to be afraid for their lives, where people don’t have to be afraid sending their kids to school, we want these things to become a normal,” Alexandra Brown the organizer of March For Our Lives said.

Many of the protestors said they are marching for change and creating a safe space for our local community.

“It truly saddens me that so many young people lost their lives to gun violence and because I want to create change along with other people,” Daniela Lopes a volunteer with March For Our Lives said.

However, the fear of a shooting happening locally has been on a lot of protestor’s minds.

“I think we’ve had a wake up call in the last couple of months,” Margie Bell a retired Kern High School District teacher said. “The thought crossed my mind that there might be somebody out here in the crowd who can come for us.”

All of the protestors point their fingers towards local policy makers saying they are the ones who can and should make a change.

“I feel like there should definitely be more laws put on guns cuz there have been more laws on women’s bodies than on guns which is just horrible,” Lopes said.

“Unfortunately, so many people have had to deal with that in their lives and have lost loved ones or people have lost their own lives to gun violence and that’s something that we just want to end, we want it to stop and we can do something about that,” Brown said. “Our policy makers can do something about that.”

Protestors say they want the community to know that there is a group fighting against gun violence and fighting for human rights. All they are asking for you to do is go out and vote.