BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — It’s been more than a week since an explosion rocked the residents at the Park 20th Apartments, one of the two injured spoke for the first time just days after being released from the hospital.

“I was just sitting down, trying to enjoy my sandwich,” said 30-year-old Zackhary Williams who was injured in the explosion.

All of a sudden, a quiet Thursday afternoon turned into chaos when a loud and massive boom from the unit next door sent Williams airborne. The massive opening left behind by the June 30 explosion left several apartments in bad shape.

“The best thing I thought possible at the time was to get out of the building,” said Williams. “So I crawled to the balcony, I shimmied over, I held on to the bar and plowed down on the bush with the best leg I had.”

After falling several feet down into the ground from the second story, Williams was rendered first-aid by first responders after he says he crawled in between two cars to use as a shield in case of another explosion.

“I thought something big was going to come, but it was just my paranoia,” said Williams.

Fire officials suspect a gas leak could’ve resulted in the massive explosion. They say it wasn’t a meth lab that left 7 apartments inhabitable.

Williams is now represented by Associate Attorney Chris Hagan at Chain, Cohn, and Clark law firm.

“All of you are probably wondering who is at fault?” said Hagan. “That is the question that us as attorneys have to answer all the time, this catastrophic explosion was not Zackhary’s fault, but it has altered his life forever.”

According to Williams, he now suffers from a condition called ‘drop foot’ where his foot no longer has the elasticity to stay leveled or to pick it up.

No lawsuit or complaint has been filed and attorneys representing Williams are asking for owners of the Park 20th Apartments to allow an independent investigation so that Williams is fairly compensated.

“When a lawsuit is filed, it is just to make Zackhary whole for the catastrophic injuries that he sustained,” Hagan said.

PG&E has provided tips on preventing a gas leak explosion and you can find them by clicking here.