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Biscuits and gravy served with a side of kindness. 

That was the daily special for Debbie and Gill Edmondson, the owners of Zingo’s Cafe. 

Two beautiful souls who are deeply missed. 

“Amazing people.  I mean you could not have found any better people.  These people were so thoughtful.  They would do anything for anybody,” said Roxanne Weaver, Debbie Edmondson’s sister. 

In 1986, Debbie started as a waitress at Zingo’s. 

Ten years later she became the owner and took the order of a man who would become the love of her life. 

Together they’d share their love with others, anyone and everyone who needed it. 

“So many people loved my mom and Gill beacause they never met a stranger,” said Lindy Humphrey, Debbie Edmondson’s daughter. 

They were always there to help, never asking for anything in return.

“I mean I’ve been with my sister and just coming out of Walmart and somebody was standing there and she hand them $20 and they’d tell her, “bless you” and she’d say, ‘I’m already blessed.’  She was just amazing and her husband was the same, he was very thoughtful and amazing,” Weaver said. 

Debbie died May 10th after a long battle with pancreatic cancer, she was 64. 

Gill died ten days later.  

Doctors attribute his death to complications related to COPD, but family believes he died of a broken heart. 

“He would cry and say, ‘I don’t know what i’m going to do without her.’  I don’t think he could handle living without my mom,” Humphrey said.  

Imagine a world full of such love. 

If you have a hard time doing so just head down to Zingo’s, there you’ll feel the love Debbie and Gill shared. 

The couple would have celebrated their twenty-third Anniversary on Saturday. 

Funeral services for Debbie are set to take place 2pm today at City View Church at 3535 Union Ave. 

Zingo’s will close at 1pm so staff can attend. 

Services for Gill are set for 2pm June 5 at the American Legion Post in downtown Bakersfield.

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