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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — This Veterans day, WWII veteran, Victor Killingsworth is celebrating another year of life and officially becoming a Centenarian!

Dozens of locals came together to throw the Veteran a birthday parade on his big day. The fun didn’t end there, Killingsworth had family from all over the country fly in to celebrate his milestone.

It’s a day marked in history: December 7th, 1941 and a day Killingsworth will never forget. He was listening to the radio when Pearl Harbor was under attack. Instantly, he knew he needed to fight for our country. He went home thinking he would drop out of college in the midst of his senior year and go fight, but his father forced him to get his degree. He went back to Cal Berkeley and finished the few units he needed to get his degree.

But, he still had the urge to fight for our freedom, and went to enlist in the navy. For four years, Killingsworth spent his time as an active-duty member, 28 months of that was spent overseas where he was a captain for amphibious warfare ships.

As Killingsworth reminisces on his life, he says he has a lot to be grateful for. He is proud to have served in the military, save the country he loves, and most importantly, meet the love of his life and spend 72 years together.

This centenarian says to reach that milestone you must keep yourself mentally active. He suggests reading. Killingsworth also says to keep yourself health and do everything in moderation.

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