BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Students from the Lost Hills Union School District Thursday received much-needed eye care services at no cost.

Students ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade, who lack access to medical care were pre-selected to visit Advanced Center for Eyecare in Northeast Bakersfield.

ACE is a nonprofit that provides funding for eye care to underserved and uninsured children, adults and seniors in Kern County.

An eye exam was given to 90 students and those who needed them went home with a new pair of glasses.

“Chevron is covering the cost for the entire clinic. A lot of these students haven’t had any vision care since pre-pandemics so in talking with Lost Hills school, we recognize that this was a huge need so we are so happy to partner with Advanced Center for Eyecare to provide these services for the Lost Hills students,” Megan Lopez, an ACE Public Affairs Representative, said.

The Advanced Center for Eyecare says that Lost Hills is a very underserved area and if students don’t have the ability to see, then they won’t have the ability to succeed.