For the third summer, Bakersfield College teamed up with Chevron and Project Lead the Way, providing seven weeks of STEM centered camps.

“If you walk into the classroom you will hear students yell things out like ‘oh this is so much more fun than school,'” Yadira Guerrero, engineering program manager at BC said.

From coding, to building electric guitars, to designing tiny houses, local students gained hands on experience 

“They are getting to use, not just the 3D printers and fancy technology, but they are getting to use hammers and screw drivers,” Guerrero said. “They are breaking things in engineering, and after we break something we go back to the drawing table, literally, and we get to draw something out and make a new design.”

This week’s camp focused on architecture and design.
“I don’t know what I want to be yet,” said 7th grader Elise Barnett said. “But I’m considering architecture and it’s just really fun.”

The students built tiny houses from their own blue prints.     

“It’s really fun and the fact that you can take it home is nice,” 8th grader Rachel Castro said.

Jasen Young, 13, said he wants to be an architect or civil engineer and that the camp is only boosting his interests.

“It’s kind of showing me more of the stuff that I get to do when I do do that, so if I did want to go into it, this is showing me the stuff that I will be doing,” Jasen said. “And if I like it here I’m probably going to like it there”

Like Jasen, 10-year-old Keveon Gaddis has an interest in architecture, said he wants to get a master’s degree in the subject.

“Every day after this my brain keeps telling me I have a bright future coming and so does my mom,” Keveon said.

The camps were supposed to end this week. However, because of their success and a generous donation from 21st Century Energy Center one more week was added.

Next week’s camp is full, but organizers say to check their Facebook page around March for information on next summer’s camps.