BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The COVID pandemic has had peaks and valleys, right now it’s still going up.

Experts said this increase won’t peak until mid March the result of holiday travel and exposure to the Omicron variant without having a booster.

Hospitals from around Kern County are feeling the strain from COVID 19. Some rejecting people from taking the COVID 19 test if they aren’t already patients.

The strain on hospitals and clinics is seen across the country but here at home it can be seen with long waiting lines, out of town strike forces and even rejections from local medical sites for non patients asking for COVID tests.

These rejects happened recently at the Bakersfield Clinica Sierra vista.

“We are in an emergency state,” Stacy Ferreira CEO Clinica Sierra Vista. “We’ve had some really huge surges in demand for COVID testing that have far outweighed our capability for what we can provide as an organization.”

It isn’t just clinics feeling the pressure.. It’s also large hospitals too.

“We started to see the cases of non COVID coming to our hospitals so we’re really very busy in our emergency room, in our O.R., in all of our acute care taking, care of these patients and then the omicron came and it affected our staffing,” Ghassan Jamaleddine Adventist Health CMO.

The biggest trouble is when staff get sick. Before staff couldn’t return until after 10 days of isolation and with a negative COVID test. That number has decreased to 5 days with a negative test but a week without essentials workers can drastically affect an operation.

“People call in sick you bring in what we call travelers or temporary staff and we have to really onboard them and have to really stay vigilant,” Jamaleddine said.

As Corona virus cases continue to increase as predicted we’ll keep track of those numbers and as well as the statuses of the hospitals in the county.