Family outraged after Zingos Cafe waitress allegedly assaults grandfather

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UPDATE (4/27): According to Zingos owner Lindy Humprehey, waitress Elaine Webb has been fired.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — It’s a Bakersfield favorite, but last week it was the site of an alleged assault against an 80-year-old patron. It happened after Gilbert Carrillo says he refused to move out of his seat when asked by waitress Elaine Webb on April 18. 

According to Carrillo, an argument ensued and when he wouldn’t stop talking, Webb put her hands on his neck. Carrillo says, “it scared the heck out of me, it’s the first time somebody put their hands around my neck.”

Zingos owner Lindy Humprehey, says Webb knows what she did was wrong, but felt she had no other option because Carrillo wouldn’t stop yelling at her.

Carrillo’s family says even though they are the victims in this situation, people have been taunting them in a private Facebook group, with one commenter saying they were “hoping to get a good meal AND a good choking” and another saying, “you should train your grandfather next time before taking him out in public.” 

Carrillo’s granddaughter Ashlee Gonzales says she just wants her grandfather to be treated equally. According to Gonzales, Carrillo has been going to the café for over 30 years and she is disappointed in how they treated a long time customer.

Humphrey says the day she found out about the assault she placed Webb on suspension until further notice.

Webb says she has learned from the situation and hopes the family can forgive her. She plans to enroll in anger management following this incident.  

The Bakersfield Police Department was on scene Sunday and took a report. Detectives are investigating the incident, and the family says they are moving forward with pressing charges.   

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