The Gomez family is thankful for their blessings this year. Shalandra Gomez, a mother of two, was living with her two kids at a homeless shelter and have moved into a new home together. And now, this week they’ve recieved one more blessing for the season.

It’s a Christmas tree and presents for their home. Sun Power by Sun Solar and The Open Door Network joined forces this holiday season to bring the spirit of Christmas to the homes of several families this year including the Gomez family.

“It is just ‘elated’ I guess is the word I am looking for,” William Triplett of The Open Door Network said. “Just a big smile when they saw the bikes and presents coming up the stairs. You can see the joy just written all over their face.”

Shalandra is thankful for the gift she is able to share with her family.

“Open Door Network, they just taught me humbleness and with these gifts it means a lot, but it is a gift every day to be alive,” she said.

The special holiday cheer being spread during this time of year is from community member donations allowing families in need to enjoy a Christmas together and with presents under the tree.

“We all need help at some point and some time. I never thought I would go to a shelter, due to a friend of mine, she kind of prepared me for it,” Shalandra said.

While there might be a rough patch in someone’s life, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.