BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – A local doctor was one of many who trespassed into the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Dr. Simone Gold became widely known from her appearance in a video that went viral last year in which she and a dozen doctors stood on the plaza of the U.S. Supreme Court and raved about hydroxychloroquine as a cure for COVID-19. On Jan. 6, she was at the U.S. Capitol giving a similar speech to the mobs inside.

Dr. Simone Gold spoke in a video from July that got more than 14 million views. It features a dozen doctors from her organization called “America’s Frontline Doctors” all advocating for treatment of COVID using hydroxychloroquine.

It was shared by President Donald Trump and some of his family members. Youtube, Facebook and Twitter later took down the video for misinformation on COVID-19.

“The fallout from then has been fast and furious,” Gold said. “The other hospital I was working at fired me, because I was working at two, it changed my life completely I now go around the country speaking about these issues.”

Gold had been contracted at Adventist Health in Downtown Bakersfield for more than 3 years.

“People ask me how I got started doing this and it was specifically because the medical director at the hospital I was at in Adventist flat-out told me multiple times he was going to fire me if I prescribed hydroxychloroquine to COVID patients,” Gold said.

All Adventist would say was that she no longer works there. So, she now spends all of her time traveling the nation insisting this treatment can cure COVID. She says she went to D.C. Last week to speak at a “Rally for Health Freedom” on the east side of the Capitol. But right as she was about to speak, someone told her that the rally speeches were canceled.

“Im guessing there’s a hundred thousand people feeling restless and aimless and the crowd really slowly moved its way up the steps,” Gold said.

Gold decided to follow the crowd.

“When you’re crossing the street and the light turns green, you go,” Gold said. “There was like a 100,000 people there and people were going up the steps and, you just go, there wasn’t anything else to do.”

She walked inside with everyone and decided to give the speech that she had meant to give outside the Capitol.

“I was in the rotunda and I had the idea to give my speech – someone had a bullhorn so I asked to use it,” Gold said.

This image of Dr. Gold holding the bullhorn is now being circulated by the FBI. They’re trying to identify those who unlawfully entered the Capitol. She says she was inside for around 20 minutes. Despite videos of aggression and five deaths, she says she saw no violence.

“At the same time we were leaving more people kept coming in,” Gold said. “There just wasn’t anything to do you know. We weren’t trying to vandalize anything.”

Gold says she didn’t expect any of the chaos from that day and only heard of the violence afterwards.

“Those of us who are there believe the election is completely fraudulent,” Gold said. “There was just nothing else to do and I think for most people we just wanted to be heard.”