BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — You may remember Ashley Marquez, the local baker KGET introduced you to on Friday, Nov. 3 who was sent to compete on the Food Network.

Marquez appeared on Sunday’s episode of Food Network’s Holiday Wars titled “Love at ‘Frost’ Sight!”

In the series, host Jeff Mauro welcomes three teams of cake, sugar and cookie artists to the holiday bakeshop.

Marquez was part of the team that named themselves “The Caroling Queens.” Together, the team created a scene depicting the exact moment Mr. and Mrs. Claus fell in love.

Sadly for the “Caroling Queens,” the team was sent home for the holidays, but the judges singled Marquez out for her exceptional skills.

Marquez told 17 News it was a terrific experience, and that she had a lot of fun. She also said she was delighted to have met such impressive fellow bakers.