BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — When a former Shafter High School student walked onto campus in March and stabbed a student, no one was monitoring security cameras, a police officer wasn’t present and a fence surrounding the campus was unlocked, attorneys say.

And when the wounded student, believing he was dying, ran to the school office for help, he was told to wait because an employee was on the phone, according to a lawsuit filed last month against Kern High School District.

The personal injury lawsuit says the conduct of school officials “was despicable and was done with a willful and knowing disregard of the rights or safety of another, including plaintiff. Defendants were aware of the probable dangerous consequences of their operations and deliberately failed to avoid those consequences.”

The suit filed on behalf of the student by attorneys at Rodriguez & Associates seeks damages in an amount to be determined. It says the student suffered “severe, life-threatening and debilitating injuries.” A hearing is scheduled in February.

The incident happened March 14 when a former Shafter High student who had been moved to a continuation school entered the campus armed with a knife, according to the lawsuit. After the bell rang ending seventh period, the former student stabbed a 16-year-old student in the chest, the suit says.

The student was taken to the hospital and the assailant arrested, reports said.

District officials at the time said the stabbing was an “isolated situation and no other students were in danger.”

But the suit says stronger security measures should have been in place because school officials knew the former student had previously threatened other students, and teachers had seen him carry a knife in his pocket.

The suit also says the wounded student was subjected to bullying and harassment upon his return as he rode a bus from Shafter High to Career & Technical Education Center. It alleges the district failed to provide proper supervision on the bus.