BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The biological father of 13-year-old Nicolas Peterson — who died in a crash a year ago — has filed a lawsuit against a woman who allegedly ran a red turn signal.

The wrongful death suit also names as a defendant the boy’s stepfather, John Deal, with whom he was riding a motorcycle when the crash occurred.

The suit alleges Deal did not provide Nicolas with a helmet. Police, however, say the boy was wearing a helmet.

A hearing is scheduled Monday.

The boy and Deal were riding a motorcycle Jan. 10, 2021, when they collided with an SUV at the corner of Coffee and Hageman roads. The SUV made a left turn against a red arrow at a traffic light that wasn’t functioning properly, according to court filings. The motorcycle entered the intersection on a green light.

Cristina Moreno-Gonzalez, the SUV’s driver, is charged with vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and reckless driving.

The suit says Moreno-Gonzalez “acted with callous, clear and conscious disregard for the safety of decedent by intentionally running a red light and colliding with decedent’s vehicle.” It says she had driven through that intersection many times and knew the risks of running that light.