BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A lawsuit filed last week alleges sexual misconduct on the part of a former counselor at Bridge Bible Church against a church member.

The suit, filed July 22, says Eric Simpson manipulated a woman who had initially gone to him for marriage counseling sessions with her husband. Simpson later insisted on private sessions, the suit alleges, where he told her that her husband was a lucky man and repeated things to her that she told him in previous sessions she wished her husband would say to her.

“After months of manipulation, defendant Simpson had plaintiff where he wanted her,” the suit says. “Starting in July of 2019, defendant Simpson began sexually abusing plaintiff.”

It goes on to say church elders blamed her for the situation and shunned her and her husband.

Bridge Bible Church was reached for comment and this was the statement provided:

The Bridge Bible Church understands that it has been named as a defendant in a lawsuit together with a former employee. Although the Church is a defendant, the Church believes that this is a private matter between the plaintiff and a former employee. The Church takes the allegations in the complaint very seriously and recognizes the need to proceed forward with sensitivity and compassion. Therefore, in the interest of the privacy of anyone who may be involved, the Church will not comment on the matter.

Consistent with the tenets of our faith, the Church is committed to providing a safe and appropriate environment for our Church community. As always, we pray for and seek the Lord’s guidance in all matters and for all who may be involved.


We have reached out to Eric Simpson for comment, but have not heard from him.

This is a developing story and will be updated as soon as we get more information.