BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Officers from all reaches of California attended the memorial and procession for the deceased sheriff’s deputy Phillip Campas.

Lodi, Sacramento and Los Angeles were a few of the many California based law enforcement agencies. But that’s not all. Law Enforcement from even outside of California were spotted at the memorial.
These officers were from Colorado, Texas, Chicago and New York.

Some of these officers were a part of an nonprofit called the Brotherhood of the Fallen.

“I am here with my fellow brothers and sisters from different organizations throughout the united states that are a part of this brotherhood organization,” Jeff Prince a detective from Aurora Police in Aurora, Colorado.

“It’s never easy,” Lisa Prudenti an officer from Suffolk County Police Department in Long Island, New York. “It doesn’t matter whether we knew him personally or not. A great hero, a great patriot, a family friend, a colleague, it means that to all of us and it’s just a small way that we came to honor and show our respect. It’s an honor and privilege to come honor our blue family.”

Prudenti said all law enforcement is like a family no matter the distance.

“That we are one country, we are one family and we gotta look out for each other, Prudenti said. “It doesn’t matter whether I work next to Phill.. We just gotta take care of each other.”

KCSO paid their respect at the memorial to not another deputy but to a close and great friend.

“This was a great tribute to a great man, John Money a retired KCSO deputy said. “I knew him I taught him in the academy and also through the years worked with him and he was a great man, great mentor to other deputies and children.”

Our fellow Southern California law enforcement came out to show their support for their brothers and sisters but also for the family morning.

“I think it’s important to show support for fellow officers,” Aaron Smith an officer from the Port of Los Angeles Police Department. “We all kind of face the same dangers and we do this thing everyday. So it’s kind of good to show support for one another and also good to show support for the family. We lost an officer but the family lost a family member.”

Bakersfield Police Department sent Campas off in tradition that’s lasted through the ages.

“As far as the marine core hymn,” Nick Haynes from Bakersfield Police Department said. “Deputy Campas, he was a marine, and I’m sure he would have loved hearing it and I just wanted to send him out properly in my way.”