Kimberly Buchmann: Berkshire Elementary

Local News

“Hi, I am a new 2nd grade teacher at Berkshire Elementary.  I have taught 2nd grade in the past but in Texas, so feel like I am starting over in a lot of ways. I know some things would probably not be something you can get but here it is.”


– classroom scissors (30)

– ikea desk tubs to keep the kiddos things organized

– class set of mini whiteboards (30)

-white board noise level lights, (independent, partner, group)

– classroom small group headphones for laptops (10)

-a black stand up locker (my room theme is ‘Ms. Buchmann’s Ballers’. Thought it would be cool to put recess toys and equipment in. 

-2 backpacks (one boy, one girl)

– class set of yellow highlighters (30)

– desk bouncy bands for kiddos with a hard time sitting (4)

-glue sticks (30)

-crayons (10)

-pencils (200)

-candy assorted 


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