BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — 17 News has been following the Kern High School District as they announce a new plan to accommodate transgender youth with private changing areas in schools.

In November, we saw students, parents, and community members voice their concerns about transgender youth changing in the same spaces as other kids at school. But the attention turned towards this month’s board meeting as transgender youths and their allies spoke up.

Kern High School District board members announced they are working on providing private changing areas for transgender youth. This announcement came after more than a dozen people spoke out in protest of transgender kids changing in opposite-sex facilities.

“The objective truth is that males can not become fully female or vise versa,” Pastor Angelo Frazier a local religious leader said.

The private changing areas would cost between $50,000 and $60,000 per campus. They would be built in locker rooms to resemble shower stalls with either curtains or solid doors for privacy.

During the board meeting, transgender youth told the board about their lives. The bullying and just trying to survive day-to-day. They said they are too focused on themselves and self-conscious to want to change in front of others.

“Previous speakers came up here and called trans women ‘confused boys’ and further generalized transgender people to being sexual predators and nothing more when that simply is not the case,” Josalyn a transgender student in KHSD said.

If you’re transgender and are looking for help, the Bakersfield Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity can help. Their contact details are below.

Their phone number is 661-843-7995. You can also go to their website by following this link.