KERNVILLE, Calif. (KGET) — Kernville residents are seeing water everywhere as the storm sweeps across Kern County.

The Kern River Valley is experiencing the worst of it as county officials issue an evacuation order in Riverkern and lower-lying areas of Kernville urging residents to flee the area.

However, many residents were shocked to see the water flow and wanted to witness the water in the river at levels some hadn’t seen in years like Brenda Talbott.

“The ones who are out here we’re just die-hard Kernville and we just stick it out, we like to see what’s going on, we’re Kernville tough what can I say?” Talbott said.

Kern County has been hit with back-to-back storms in the last few weeks and Talbott says she sees the good in all this water.

“It has its pros and its cons, but you have to go with the good and the bad and you just have to pull the best out of it,” Talbott said.

To help, the Red Cross opened a shelter for those in need at Kern Valley High School. According to Spokesperson Dean Ott the organization has been preparing for these kinds of conditions.

“We’re strung thin, but we have a number of volunteers that are just wonderful, that will work 12-hour shifts and help accommodate these people that need to be evacuated,” Ott said.

Residents in the areas impacted by flooding are advised to evacuate the area, go to the nearest if needed and call 9-1-1 in the case of an emergency.