BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Kern County Coroner is working to identify yet another body pulled from the Kern River this weekend.

Kern County residents know how deadly the Kern River is but many people from outside our community are unaware of its danger.

The river is extremely dangerous and as of this past weekend it’s killed seven people this year.

The Kern river has claimed more than 317 lives since 1968. Just a few days ago, another life was lost to the river at Hart Park. Six of the seven people who died in the Kern River this year were out-of-town visitors from Southern California but even with warnings these visitors continue to come to the river.

“We’re from LA, so we came here to relax before school, before work and all that, just to relax,” Dayana Garduno an LA resident said. “The heat, especially here we saw it’s going to be really hot today so we thought well why not, you only live once.”

The LA family says they’ve been to Hart Park multiple times. Roberto Gonzalez, the grandfather, says he’s been very careful.

“It’s fun but you also have to be cautious,” Gonzalez said. “The kids especially the little ones don’t go too far because there’s been incidents here where things happen.”

The river can be unpredictable and this family has seen it first hand.

“Something has happened to us before and it was a really scary experience and so from that we kind of have learned the water is really strong and there’s holes in it and we’ve got to really be careful,” Garduno said.

Kern County Search and Rescue says calm areas along the banks aren’t safe either. The situation can change quickly in the river and it could cost you your life.

“We don’t recommend visitors of the Kern River to go into the river,” Sergeant Pat McNeal with Kern County Search and Rescue said. “If you guys again choose to do so no matter the age, we strongly recommend wearing a life vest.”

People of all ages should be extremely cautious of the Kern River. The undertow is very strong and you can easily loose control in a matter of seconds.