BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Former Bitwise employees attended a resource and job fair Wednesday and hoped to get a fresh start. One of those employees was Keith Arambula, a former cook at the Bakersfield Bitwise location.

“Let down. I felt like I didn’t know what to do in that time because of the short notice,” Arambula said.

“Short notice” is the center of a potential class action lawsuit headed for Bitwise next.

Fresno lawyer Roger Bonakdar plans to represent more than 100 employees in a lawsuit alleging the company violated the state law that requires companies to give employees 60 days’ notice of furloughs and layoffs.

Bitwise also told employees there would be issues with their pay. Bonakdar plans to address workers pay in the lawsuit. Arambula said getting paid was one of his primary concerns after being furloughed.

“That was definitely one of the main concerns of mine. Making sure that I do get paid hopefully for the hours that I worked,” Arambula said.

Arambula worked two jobs providing him with a comfortable income. However, that has all changed.

“I was living paycheck to paycheck with one income, always struggling but with Bitwise … I had money living comfortable, in my bank account. So, without that I’m kind of back to square one again and kind of hoping that something opens up soon,” Arambula said.

Yet, Arambula remains hopeful.

“I am frustrated, frustrated that this happened so suddenly but this never stopped me in the past and I feel like it won’t stop me now,” Arambula said.

For more resources for furloughed employees, the Open Door Network will host a grief support group with therapists from 10 a.m. to noon on Thursday.