BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Kern County Fire Department and other emergency agencies held an event Saturday at the Cal State Bakersfield campus to show residents how best to prepare for emergencies.

The emergency preparedness event included numerous demonstrations such as “sidewalk CPR”, fire extinguisher tutorials, interactive experiences like the Shake Cottage Earthquake Simulator and a first-hand look at first responders’ firefighting equipment.

Animal services was also present to teach people how to care for their pets in times of trouble.

KCFD’s Captain Andrew Freeborn spoke with 17 News’ Elaina Rusk about the importance of parents educating their kids at home about making an emergency preparedness plan.

“If out of the blue I would just say, Hey, kids, we need to practice because emergency, that could be a little overwhelming. But if we do it in a fun way and we do it more regularly, they’re more receptive to it and that’s why we do it.” Freeborn told 17 News.

“Because you do need to know how we evacuate out of our house, if it’s a fire, if it’s a flood, if there’s an earthquake, whatever it may be, how are we going to do so safely?”