Kern County offers reward for COVID-19 testing

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Kern County Public Health officials are calling on residents to take COVID-19 tests to progress in the battle against COVID-19. State mandates place restrictions on Kern County because cases are labeled “widespread,” placing the county in the most restrictive of four tiers outlined by the state. The state makes this determination based on numbers of new cases per day, and the rate of positive cases. The more healthy people take tests, the faster Kern County’s test positivity rate will drop.

“We need to increase the number of tests we are doing here in kern county in order to move more quickly, in order to get more of our businesses operating indoors. More of our schools reopened,” said Ryan Alsop, Kern County Chief Administrative Officer.

Public health experts are teaming up with the Mechanic’s Bank Arena and the Bakersfield Condors to encourage Kern County residents to get tested. Anyone who takes a test until November 15th can enter to win two free tickets for each event held in the arena throughout 2021. This prize is accessible by showing proof of your test But that’s not the only reason to take a test for the coronavirus, even if you don’t have symptoms.

Brenie Shaherron: “Some people, they come and they say ‘I don’t even think I have it, I think the test wasn’t right,’” said Brenie Shaherron, a licensed vocational nurse with Rhino Medical Services. “But they took the test and they’re positive, but they don’t have any symptoms at all.”

Officials say that the nine public testing sites at Kern County are running far below their capacity. Many of them can handle two to four times the amount of cases they’re currently handling. You can find testing sites near you and schedule appointments at Health experts hope these incentives will inspire Kern County to take tests, hurling the county closer towards reopening.

“It’s just right in the nostril. Three swabs, out. Same in the other nostril, then you’re done. You’d rather be safe than sorry,” Shaherron said.  

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