BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Kern County Museum hosted a Day in the Wild West where events, games and activities were all themed after the old West.

It’s Western Day at the Kern County Museum and hundreds of people with their families came out to get a taste of the old West.

Day in the Wild West at the Kern Museum saw dozens of people sporting cowboy hats and old Western attire.

Kids and their families got a taste of the wild west while seeing reenactments of shootouts, jailbreaks and robberies throughout the day. Families got to also see historic old fashioned buildings and exhibits throughout the museum grounds.

“We saw the gunfight at the bank, the bank robbery and that was really fun,” Casey Nolan a father at the event said. “We just came here to see some old school cowboy stuff. To have a good time and so far its delivered just that.”

Food trucks were stationed to feed the hungry families.

The museum offered tours and had fun games, badging ceremonies and interactive exhibits for the kids. But the real treat were the reenacted shows put on by actors.

“We’ve done five gunfights today because we did one that wasn’t planned we just did it because of the heck of it,” John Olinger a reenactor for the Kern County Museum said. “We couldn’t ask for better weather. I’ve been out here when it’s 115 degrees and we were dying. This is great.”

The kids even got to help in the shows, swarming the bad guys and sending them back to jail.

The actors themselves, all volunteers. They say they put on these shows to help bring some lively fun to the community.

“The crowd is huge,” Olinger said. “I haven’t seen a crowd out here like this in many years. Not just because of COVID but even before that. So people have been wanting something to do and we’re lucky enough we get to give it to them.”

Some families said even though the event close to perfect the museum should bring horses next year to make it even more realistic.