Kern County mosquito season forecast

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – With our recent rainy weather and warm temperatures, there are new concerns about mosquito season and the possible spread of West Nile Virus.

“Our traps are showing a very big increase, almost three times as much as we regularly get in early June,” said Gene Abbott, manager at Kern Mosquito Vector Control District.

Abbott is in charge of tracking mosquito activity. His team sets mosquito traps around town. Abbott says they have around 240 traps. He says they haven’t found any mosquitoes with West Nile Virus in Kern yet, but he predicts they will soon.

“It’s close,” said Abbott. “They’re already detecting it in Visalia. So, if we expect another week of hot weather, we expect to find mosquitoes carrying the virus.”

Abbott says rainy weather has created a lot of opportunities for mosquito breeding.

“Dry swimming pools, saucer, jars, buckets, planters,” said Abbott. “We find mosquitoes breeding even in wheelbarrows with water in them.”

Abbott says, mosquitoes only need to mate once in their life, and can reproduce multiple times after obtaining blood from a bite. He says female mosquitoes produce at least 300 eggs per blood meal and once they hatch, baby mosquitoes are ready to feed within 20 minutes.

For now, he urges people to help keep standing water at a minimum around their homes.

“We can’t get in everyone’s backyard and police their yards for them, this is something they’ll have to do themselves,” said Abbott.

The department can treat your swimming pool with a solution that keeps mosquitoes away. They can also provide you with free mosquito-eating fish for your fountains. You can reach them at 661-589-2744.

Experts recommend you use mosquito repellant to avoid getting bit. Abbott says the best one to go with is DEET spray.

And, there are all sorts of ideas and tips out there from people who swear their methods keep mosquitoes away.

These are some you can try:

• Wear light clothing

• Drink apple cider

• Rub garlic on your skin

• Take Vitamin B daily

• Stuff dryer sheets in your pockets

• Baby Powder

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