BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A white blanket covered most of the county’s mountain region just a couple of days ago. The temperatures got so cold many highways were shut due to unsafe road conditions.

Now that we had a bit of a break we’re headed back into another storm but this one isn’t as strong.

The winter storm brought large amounts of snow and rain across the county. Some places like Alta Sierra got too much of the white glistening flakes. The ski resort had to close after getting up to six feet of snow.

Tehachapi also accumulated some heavy snow. White-capped mountains contrasted by the trees popping out from the blanket of white made for a beautiful view for those traveling through the area once the highway opened back up.

But the snow didn’t stop there.

Communities in the valley like Arvin also saw snow. Lamont also saw heavy snowfall during the storm and even Bakersfield saw some action.

There was also rain in the county. So much that parts of Bakersfield flooded creating hazardous driving conditions.

“Certain parts of town it’s not properly managed,” Mohamed Ali a Bakersfield resident said. “I was driving on the 178 I lost control and nearly hit the wall and now I’m going to pick up the car which is salvage.”

These dangerous driving conditions were seen throughout Kern. Most of the highways leading in and out of Bakersfield were shut at some point which made it difficult for anyone to travel.

“It’s obviously a real bummer because I want to go just straight down but there’s a blizzard warning so there should be a lot of snow,” Russell Ott a Santa Rosa Resident said.

Conditions similar to Friday’s storm are expected to hit Kern County between Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Depending on the snowfall, highways like Highway 58, the Grapevine and Highway 178 might get shut again.

It’s recommended to not travel unless you have to in the next couple of days. It is not promised that the roads will stay open.

So if you do decide to travel bring an emergency kit with blankets, food and water just in case you get stuck in the storm.