BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – As Kern County sees record levels of water and increasing warm weather, we could also see record activity of mosquitoes around the county.

“We’re looking at something we probably haven’t seen in Kern County in 40 years […] we are going to have mosquitoes out and around those environments anywhere where there’s going to be standing water,” Kern Mosquito & Vector Control District‘s Terry Knight said.

With more mosquitoes comes the possibility of increasing cases of the West Nile Virus. Knight said Kern residents could see as more water fills up our recharge basins and native Culex mosquitoes populate the areas that are capable of carrying and transmitting the West Nile Virus.

“During wet years we tend to see an influx, in human infections last year it was extremely dry, and we still had 22 people infected here in Kern County. Kern County, Los Angeles County, and Fresno County tend to see the higher number of infection rates for the state of California,” Knight said.

Culex mosquitoes are most active at sundown and for two hours afterward and to prevent mosquitoes from biting you or surrounding your home, Knight shared that the best tool to use is EPA-registered insect repellent.

However, to get control of the increase of mosquitoes Kern County could see Knight says the district will also be using mosquito fish in areas concentrated with mosquitoes that can eat up to 80 mosquito larvae a day and using a super duty mist blower at three locations around the county with heavy numbers in June.

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