BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — To prepare firefighters for the dangers that they are placed in while responding to emergencies recruits of the academy are receiving a week of self-survival training.

The recruits are from the Kern County Fire Department Academy 22-4.

“While conducting basic firefighting operations, the environment can change very rapidly – the fire intensity can change, you can have a floor collapse, the roof collapse, you can have equipment malfunctions, you can become entangled in wires,” KCFD spokesperson Captain Andrew Freeborn said. “So all of these things are extremely hazardous. We have seen throughout decades, there have been many firefighter fatalities while within structures.”

Tuesday’s exercise was held at the KCFD training facility on Olive Drive.

The survival training covers “MAYDAY” communications, disentanglement procedures, “Bail Out” techniques and Rapid Intervention Crew operations.