BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Don’t be alarmed, at 8 a.m. the Kern County Airports Department and local agencies will be holding a large-scale emergency response exercise at Meadows Field Airport.

The exercise will sound and look like there is an actual emergency event taking place at Meadows Field and all local law enforcement, fire departments, EMT services, and other local agencies will be responding to the event, as if it was real.

The emergency response exercise will consist of a simulated plane crash with many occupants. Actors will be playing victims who will need to be triaged, treated and transported.

This emergency response was created in order to test the capabilities of the agencies in Kern County and assess their response to a mass casualty incident, including possible terrorism within the county. The test will help emergency teams become familiar with the environment, restrictions, and challenges an incident at a local commercial airport could bring and how to handle them.

Every three years the Federal Aviation Administration requires airports to exercise this type of response to ensure readiness for accidents and emergencies.

Participating agencies include: Kern County Airports Department, Kern County Fire Department, Kern County Fire – Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Kern County Sheriff’s Office, California Highway Patrol, Kern County Emergency Management Services, Kern County Public Health, Golden Empire Transit (GET) Bus, Hall Ambulance, Civil Air Patrol, Bakersfield Community College, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Transportation Security Administration (TSA).