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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – A local mom is recovering after unexpectedly giving birth at one of her favorite fast-food restaurants. 

Donica Delarose was on her way to the hospital Saturday when she realized the baby was coming and she wasn’t going to make it. The place she pulled over at was just a coincidence, she says. 

Shawn Jaxton, also known as Baby Jack-Jack, and the fast-food restaurant Jack in the Box has a special connection.

“Jack in the Box is actually his father’s favorite place, he loves the tacos and throughout my entire pregnancy I did go to Jack in the Box because they were always open,” said Delarose.

But it goes further than that.

“He made his way here at Jack in the Box,” said Delarose.

Little Jack-Jack was delivered in the parking lot of a Bakersfield Jack in the Box late Saturday night. Not by choice though. His mother, Delarose, and her mother were on their way to the hospital when little Jack-Jack decided it was time.

“My water broke near Union Avenue and I told my mom ‘call 911, he’s coming and I can’t stop it,” said Delarose.

But Jack Jack couldn’t wait.

“I told my mom, ‘he’s coming, he’s here’, so she pulled over to the Jack in the Box and she hopped off the car yelling ‘she’s having a baby, can someone help me?’ said Delarose.

Delarose’s mother ended up delivering her grandson.

“She went off of instinct and caught him and she put him in my lap, I grabbed him,” said Delarose. “We had a little fumble because I was still in the seatbelt, but I held him in my lap until the emergency services came.”

Jack in the Box employees was quick to jump into action.

“She hopped onto the driver’s side and handed me over all the warm towelettes she had and she was helping me keep him warm and she stayed there with me until the ambulance made it,” said Delarose.

Delarose says she is very thankful to Jack in the Box staff and plans on taking baby Jack-Jack in as soon as he’s a little older to meet them. 

“I’m going to make sure that my son knows that every time he goes to Jack in the Box that he knows he was born at Jack in the Box,” said Delarose. “When he’s craving Jack in the Box, ‘Oh I wonder why.’

Jack Jack’s mother told me his nickname has nothing to do with the restaurant as it was planned before he was born, but that it turned out to be very fitting.

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