Investigation continues into two-year-old who allegedly shot woman

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It was a tragedy reported as a two-year-old boy who accidentally shot a woman, but the Sheriff’s Office now tells us they’re investigating other witness accounts.

Following the incident Sunday morning, KCSO released a statement saying it was merely an accident. Word spread around the community.

“At first they thought it was a gentleman who shot the woman and then about two hours later, the story changed. It turned out to be a child who was playing with a gun.” said Rogerlee Terronez, who lives at Springwood Court Apartments on Norris Road in Oildale where the shooting happened.

But some witnesses don’t believe it was just an accident caused by improper gun storage.

“I do not think that child shot that that lady. I don’t believe it,” said April Kolstad, who lives next door to where the shooting happened. She was first to rush over when she heard the shot Sunday. Immediately, she noticed a few things off about the situation.

“It was obvious that the exit wound was her forehead. It was completely blown open,” Kolstad said. “It looked so execution-style.”

From the size of the handgun she saw, Kolstad was also confused how a two-year-old would have the strength to fire it without any injuries.

“(The child) smelled real good, and he was clean. I would think he would have some blood on him because there was a lot of blood,” Kolstad added.

What she found most suspicious was a man who grabbed the gun, then drove off from the scene immediately.

When we asked KCSO, they confirmed they found out who the man is, but they haven’t been able to locate him yet.

“They pulled the video cameras, the footage, and they saw the guy leave, but they couldn’t make out the license plate,” Kolstad explained.

KCSO says they’re still treating this incident as an accidental shooting. Detectives are also investigating what type of gun this was and who owns it. The department says there could be potential charges for unsafe storage of a firearm.

“A discharge of a firearm especially when causing injury, that’s a three-day notice for sure,” Kolstad said.

Now with this eviction, the family of the woman shot has spent the past few days moving out of the apartment. KCSO confirms the woman remains in critical but stable condition in the hospital.

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