BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A massive three-alarm fire decimated an East Bakersfield apartment complex.
Residents fleeing for their lives as the blaze consumed their homes overnight.

The apartments used to be home to at least 13 people but now it’s a burned out husk. The stairs on one side of the building are still intact but eerily drop off at the top. A collapsed wall caved in on top of all the rubble.

“At approximately 10:19 this evening our dispatch center received a call for an apartment on fire,” Kevin Albertson the deputy chief for the Bakersfield Fire Department said.

13 people called this building home but now they are getting help from the Red Cross. A raging inferno continuously gushed out of the windows as bystanders watched from outside. At one point a person was stuck inside the building.

“They did receive a report of a trapped occupant in the apartment in the exposure,” Albertson said. “They took measures to try and rescue the person, but they had already exited the structure before they got there.”

None of the firefighters or residents at the apartments were injured but now the building is destroyed, and these people are looking for a new home.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.