BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — It’s called the “husky migration and dogs from the Bakersfield Animal Care Center are moving north to find a better homes.

The husky migration had more than 20 huskies lined up for their chance at a better life.

“The husky migration. The whole idea was to try to migrate all of our huskies from the South up North to a better climate,” Joshua Proctor the animal behaviorist for the Bakersfield Animal Care center said. “So Oregon, Washington, Canada, Montana, and Idaho.”

Animal intake at the Bakersfield animal shelter hasn’t slowed down in years. The shelter is sending pups to places better suited for them. The pups on this trip are going north to Oregon, Washington and Canada. In total, 50 dogs are getting relocated but this isn’t something new.

“We do a transport every weekend. On average we have moved 300 dogs a month out of state,” Proctor said.

“It’s pretty much like the best start for them,” Rose Candelaria a volunteer at the Bakersfield Animal Care Center said. “They have a new life, a new family and a new area.”

The shelter is asking for you to be accountable for your pets. Get them vaccinated, chipped and fixed.

“We need more people spaying and neutering their pets,” Proctor said. “If the dogs keep coming in we’ll always have to be doing these missions. We’ll never stop killing unless the dogs stop coming in.”